Sports Medicine and Injuries

Sports Medicine and Injuries

Sports Medicine & Injuries

Competition has existed since time immemorial. Today, sports are a common event in everyday life. The physical nature of sports activities usually relegates participation to the young. That being said, many people no longer in their prime continue to enjoy participating in sports or physical activities regularly. However, the risk of injury is ever present regardless of age.

Professional Athletes
Currently, all of the professional teams in the world in every sport have at least one chiropractor on staff. Most of them have two. Why two? That’s because there’s so much work to be done to keep athletes performing at their best. They are crucial to the outcome of every game, championship, and playoff. Professional athletes are being paid millions of dollars to perform for their teams, and their teams make sure that they have access to the very best! Chiropractors are also a big part of the Olympic Games. In fact, there used to be a time when those countries using Doctors of Chiropractic would consistently win gold! Funny how things catch on like that!

Athletic Performance Enhancement the Right Way
As in all things, there is a right way and a wrong way. Steroid use has been banned for a very long time, yet athletes and regular people consistently use them for performance gains. Not only are they dangerous, in some cases, the damage won’t even be noticed until years later. It just doesn’t make any sense to tempt fate when there are numerous healthy alternatives to choose from that won’t get you banned from the game. There are techniques and treatments to repair tissues faster, increase ATP production, increase DNA synthesis, increase protein synthesis, naturally increase the body’s natural hormone levels; all of which won’t cost you your life or your chance to compete. This means you can work out harder, longer, and gain more muscle mass. For football players, there is a way to increase your agility and acceleration by about 30% almost overnight. How’s that for a powerful combination? A 300 lb football player that moves like a quarterback! If you’re an older athlete and would like compete with those half your age, this might be something to consider. Our office has helped athletes at all levels achieve these goals and numerous others. If you’re interested in how this can be possible, give us a call at: (727) 466 -3333 to schedule an appointment. You’ll be glad that you did.



High School Sports Injuries
Every year, millions of teenagers participate in high school sports. Sometimes, the pressure to play can lead to poor decisions. These are decisions that could have significant impact later in adult life leading to arthritis and/or necessitating surgeries. It’s always best to seek prompt treatment. Before returning to the game, make sure to give yourself plenty of time to recover.


Complications Involving Adolsescents
During the adolescent years, the body is undergoing a great many changes not the least of which is another growth spurt. This growth is usually uneven, and sometimes painful. The bones tend to grow faster than the muscles, tendons, and ligaments they are attached to. This situation also leads to plenty of growth plate injuries

Types of Injuries
Most of the injuries among young athletes can be categorized as acute injuries, or over-use injuries. While over-use injuries are more common, sudden traumatic injuries are the more dangerous. Sudden trauma can occur causing bruising, sprains (ligament tears), strains (muscle tears), and bone fractures. Another type of acute soft tissue injury results in concussions or mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI). Another subset of the over-use injury is the repetitive stress injury which occurs over a long period of time. This occurs primarily when the body is not given enough time to heal between sporting events. Stress fractures occur more frequently in young athletes than in adults due to the fact that growing bone is continuously being broken down and rebuilt. This process is called remodeling. Our entire skeleton is replaced over a period of 1 to 2 years. Breaking down is a far easier process than building it back up which is why it’s important to give yourself time to heal. Proper nutrition and diet goes a long way towards helping this process.

Concussions and Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI)
These are caused by rapid acceleration / deceleration forces applied to the head. The brain is floating inside cerebral spinal fluid within your skull. When head trauma occurs, the skull begins to move causing a brain bruise to occur on one side of the brain. When the motion of the skull stops, another brain bruise occurs on the opposite side. When we say brain bruise, we are talking about bleeding occurring within the brain, as well as diffuse axonal injuries. The neurons and brain tissues become physically separated or torn resulting in brain damage. Neuroplasticity is the process whereby the brain is capable of rewiring itself over time to bypass a damaged area. Any bleeding caused in the brain can be quite detrimental. Over time the calcium from the blood results in scar tissue and plaque formation. This insulates the nerve cells from each other and prevents them from being able to signal each other. Ultimately, function in that particular region is impaired or lost altogether. Once a concussion has occurred, there is however a 24 hour time window in which to prevent permanent injury!

The Epidemic of Brain Injuries
Professional organized sports have denied the existence of traumatic brain injuries and their ability to cause long term disability. When the evidence in support of these injuries was presented, it was swept under the rug. Part of the reason was due to liability. If these types of injuries could now be clinically proven, that would mean that sports organizations like the NFL would be on the hook for countless injuries caused on the playing field to the tone of millions of dollars annually. These types of injuries are common in many sports. One of the greatest pugilists of all time is Muhammad Ali whose life has been greatly impacted by traumatic brain injury. Now that we are aware of these situations, our doctor is a highly qualified professional trained to identify these types of injuries. Don’t hesitate to seek attention immediately.

If you or someone you love has suffered a concussion and need an evaluation, please contact us for an appointment at: (727) 466 -3333. We’ll try to get you in that same day to take advantage of that 24 hour window.

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